Common Uses For Portable Storage – Pierce County WA

Portable storage was initially designed to help home dwellers move their belongings from point A to point B more easily. However, over the past several years, portable storage containers have become a popular, temporary storage solution for a variety of needs.

Below are some of the most common uses for portable storage containers that can make your life or business easier, more efficient, and organized:

Portable Storage for The Home

One of the most common uses for portable storage containers is solving extra storage needs at home. If you are only needing temporary extra storage space, you can rent a storage unit for a specific period of time and have it picked up when you no longer need it.Continue reading “Common Uses For Portable Storage – Pierce County WA”

Construction Site Portable Storage Rentals – Pierce County WA

Construction Site Portable Storage Rentals – Pierce County WA – There are many uses for secure, onsite portable storage containers on construction sites. Job site storage concerns are reduced for construction companies and subcontractors who use Westside Portable Storage units to increase efficiency, save time, reduce theft, and protect materials from the elements. 

Theft causes serious losses to contractors and equipment owners. One of the ways job sites can prevent theft is to lock away items such as job site materials, building supplies, construction tools, and equipment in onsite portable storage containers. 

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) puts the value of stolen construction equipment at about $1 billion per year, with only about a 30% recovery rate. These statistics don’t even take into account job interruptions and losses which include the cost of rentals and project-delay fines. 

Continue reading “Construction Site Portable Storage Rentals – Pierce County WA”

Portable Storage Container Rentals – Pierce County WA

Portable storage container rentals – Pierce County WAWestside Portable Storage is the perfect solution for all of your storage needs. We bring secure, dry, lockable storage right where you need it – when you need it! 

Choose from 12 ft., 22 ft., and 26 ft. long secure and waterproof storage solutions that can be used for construction sites, residential use, and commercial office storage needs.

All of our steel-framed storage containers are 7’6″ wide x 6’9″ high and have double swinging doors on both ends (the 12′ box only has doors on one end) for easy access to your materials and stored items.  Continue reading “Portable Storage Container Rentals – Pierce County WA”

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