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Construction Site Portable Storage Rentals – Sumner WA – There are many uses for secure, onsite portable storage containers on construction sites. Job site storage concerns are reduced for construction companies and subcontractors who use Westside Portable Storage units to increase efficiency, save time, reduce theft, and protect materials from the elements. 

Theft causes serious losses to contractors and equipment owners. One of the ways job sites can prevent theft is to lock away items such as job site materials, building supplies, construction tools, and equipment in onsite portable storage containers. 

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) puts the value of stolen construction equipment at about $1 billion per year, with only about a 30% recovery rate. These statistics don’t even take into account job interruptions and losses which include the cost of rentals and project-delay fines. 

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Just as it applies to your equipment, keeping your building supplies such as drywall, paint, shingles, glass/windows, lumber, steel and wood beams, and cement blocks locked in portable storage containers will protect them from thieves and the elements like weather and fire.  And since they will be locked in one convenient place, this will also maximize workflow on your job site.

In addition, different trades and contractors regularly use portable storage containers to store equipment, tools, and supplies, allowing inventory to be shipped in larger quantities, saving on freight costs and allowing deeper discounts for purchasing in larger quantities.  

Easy delivery and pickup – Convenient and space-saving!

Westside Portable Storage units offer a convenient, flexible, and affordable solution for construction managers, roofers, plumbers, sheet metal workers, electricians, flooring installers and others who makes a living in a construction trade. 

Portable storage on your construction site will allow you to organize your project so that you have what you need – where and when you need it. Whether your storage needs are for drywall, pallets of roofing shingles, or power tools, we have a portable storage unit to meet your onsite storage demands.

Construction Site Portable Storage Rentals – Sumner WA from Westside are constructed of weather-resistant, 14-gauge steel, our units are durable, secure, lockable, and weather and fire-resistant.  

Choose from 12 ft, 22 ft, and 26 ft long storage containers – 7’6″ wide x 6’9″ high with double swinging doors on both ends (the 12′ box only has doors on one end) for easy access to your materials. The contained locking mechanism protects the lock and adds an extra level of security to your unit.  

Costs for Construction Site Portable Storage Rentals Sumner WA 

At Westside Portable Storage, we believe in making sure you have no hidden fees or costs. Before your storage container is delivered, we’ll provide you with a detailed quote, informing you of the rates and fees for the storage you need.  

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Our portable storage containers always arrive at your job site clean and ready for use. We are often able to arrange for next-day delivery and pick-up so our boxes are there when you need them, and gone when you don’t. Speedy delivery and pickup times have been vital in creating relationships with local businesses for over 20 years. 

Westside Portable Storage services Sumner WA and most of the South Puget Sound region. Receive a free online quote or call us today at (253) 564-3212!

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