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Westside Portable Storage – Onsite Portable Storage Rentals – Puyallup, WA 

The advantages of renting onsite portable storage in Puyallup WA – From downsizing and decluttering to remodeling or moving, people have storage needs for all types of reasons. It’s so easy to run out of storage space at home, in the office or at the job site. Traditionally, storage meant renting a unit at a nearby storage facility. However, portable onsite storage units have become a popular and viable storage option.  

With portable storage, the unit comes to you in the form of a large, weatherproof, metal container. You can have the storage container delivered where you need it (usually in the driveway or parking space) and load it on your own schedule and at your leisure.  

Once the container is loaded, you can store it on your property for a temporary or extended period of time (depending on the rental period) and have the container picked up by us when you are done with it or have it delivered to a new address. 

Easy to Load and Unload

Unlike a moving truck, ground-level access makes portable storage units easier to load and unload. Moving vans or trucks are usually several feet off the ground and require ramps for loading.

At Westside Portable Storage, our secure, lockable, and weather and fire-resistant boxes are ground-level and 7’6″ wide x 6’9″ high and come in 12′, 22′, and 26′ lengths. 

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Our portable storage units have double swinging doors on both ends (the 12′ box only has doors on one end) for easy loading and access to your materials. They also include a contained locking mechanism that protects the lock from theft and vandalism.  

Portable Storage Rentals Puyallup WA

Saves Time

Cut your work in half by only loading and unloading one time into portable storage containers versus multiple times with conventional self-storage. Unlike a self-storage facility, portable onsite storage doesn’t require travel to the facility to load and unload your belongings.

Less handling also reduces load shifting and damage to your belongings during transport. Also, you won’t have to rent a truck or find another way to move your belongings to a self-storage facility.

Westside Portable Storage will deliver a storage unit to you, so you never need to leave the comfort of your home.

Convenience and Versatility 

Westside Portable Storage units are perfect for room renovations, de-cluttering the home, cleaning out the garage, sorting out an estate, extra storage for the home office, preparing the home to sell, storing lawn equipment and furniture, and home damage and emergency storage (fires and floods), just to name a few. 

No matter how you choose to utilize portable storage, it provides convenience and versatility. Once the task at hand is completed or you no longer need the extra storage space, you can simply call us and arrange to have the unit removed.

Readily Accessible  

Portable storage containers can be the preferred option if storage needs are location-specific or for a short amount of time. However, more and more people are trusting portable storage rentals for more extended periods to add extra and readily accessible storage to their homes.  

Speedy Delivery and Pick-up  

At Westside Portable Storage, we are often able to arrange for next-day delivery and pick-up so our boxes are there when you need them, and gone when you don’t. Speedy delivery and pickup times have been vital in creating relationships with local businesses for over 20 years.

We service Puyallup WA and most of the South Puget Sound region. Call Westside Portable Storage today at (253) 564-3212 for more information about our portable storage unit rentals or get a free quote online!

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