Advantages of Portable Storage Unit Rentals vs Self-Storage

Advantages of Portable Storage Unit Rentals vs Self-Storage – Pierce County WA – People need storage for all types of reasons from downsizing and decluttering to home improvement projects to a move. Traditionally, storage meant renting a unit at a self-storage facility. Recently, the availability of onsite portable storage unit rentals provides an increasingly popular alternative to self-storage.

Unlike self-storage that you have to drive to, onsite portable storage units are located right at your home, business or job site where you can conveniently load and unload items as needed.   

Self-Storage Facilities

Although self-storage facilities themselves may vary widely in the amenities they offer, they all work basically the same. You rent the unit and move your personal items in. You have a lock and key for the unit and can access it during specific hours designated by the self-storage facility.

Many locations and companies are open five or six days a week, so you need to be aware of the times your belongings will be accessible to you.  

The disadvantages of self-storage at a facility include: 

  • Self Storage requires driving to and from a facility to load and unload and manage your belongings.
  • You need to load and unload your belongings twice
  • Self-storage may require frequent trips to the facility (depending on vehicle size and needs)
  • The ability and time of access to your belongings is controlled by the self-storage facility’s regulations and rules
  • Prices may increase during peak moving season
Onsite Portable Storage Unit Rentals

Unlike self-storage at a facility, onsite portable storage container rentals come to you in the form of a large, weatherproof, steel box. You can have the storage container delivered to your home (usually in the driveway or curbside) and load it according to your own schedule and pace.

Westside Portable Storage units offer the highest levels of convenience & accessibility  Call us today for all your onsite portable storage rental needs! (253) 564-3212

Westside Portable Storage containers offer ground-level access, making them easy to load compared to a truck or van which are usually several feet off the ground and require a ramp for loading and unloading.

The Advantages of Westside Portable Storage container rentals include: 

  • The portable storage unit is delivered to your home or desired location
  • We offer a variety of container sizes for your specific storage needs
  • The storage unit can be loaded and unloaded on-site as needed 
  • There is no driving to another location involved  
  • Onsite portable storage is versatile and private
  • The storage container will be picked up when you no longer need it

Many people also choose to use portable storage during home remodeling or renovation projects. You can keep your belongings in the storage container where they safe and easily accessible but out of the immediate area of renovation.

If you are looking for a short-term storage solution that allows easy and frequent access to your belongings, onsite portable storage container rentals can be your best option.  

Get a free quote today!  

A portable storage container on your property or at the job site gives you 24/7 access to your belongings when you need them. At Westside Portable Storage, our units are available in a number of sizes, so you never pay for more space than you need.

Constructed of weather-resistant, 14-gauge steel, Westside Portable Storage containers are durable, secure, lockable, and weather and fire-resistant.


Choose from 12 ft, 22 ft, and 26 ft long storage containers – 7’6″ wide x 6’9″ high with double swinging doors on both ends (the 12′ box only has doors on one end) for easy access to your materials. The contained locking mechanism protects the lock and adds an extra level of security to your unit.

No Hidden Costs

At Westside Portable Storage, we believe in making sure you have no hidden fees or costs. Before your storage container is delivered, we’ll provide you with a detailed quote, informing you of the rates and fees for the storage you need.

Speedy Delivery & Pick Up

We are often able to arrange for next-day delivery and pick-up so our boxes are there when you need them, and gone when you don’t. Speedy delivery and pickup times have been vital in creating relationships with our customers for over 20 years.

When you require temporary extra space, think Westside Portable Storage. The process of renting a unit is easy. Give us a call. We deliver. You load and unload at your convenience. We pick up. Need to keep your storage unit longer than you’d planned? No problem!

Westside Portable Storage services all of Pierce County and most of the South Puget Sound region. Contact us today at (253) 564-3212 for more information about our hassle-free onsite storage container rentals and a free estimate!

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